The Institution of Railway Operators is committed to offering its members the opportunity to further develop their own ‘rail specific’ operating skills and general working knowledge.  IRO Learn assists in providing a greater level of understanding within the individual’s employment field, whilst maintaining an online, quantifiable Railway Operations and Management eCPD Record.  Every IRO Learn enrolled member is able to map and qualify their own knowledge building experience using the IRO Learn ‘POD’ system – a personally structured railway operators learning framework.


Regarding member access to current resources held on the IRO Learn website ( ):

Dear User,

The first released interactive course – An Introduction to the Railway Industry, can only be accessed with log in details issued to you on purchase from the IRO Website Member Shop:   

Any current IRO website log in credentials or IRO membership number information will not give access to IRO learn resources, unless dedicated access details are issued to you via email from the IRO Learning team following purchase.

As additional courses are added to the site they will be available to purchase from the IRO website shop.  We expect the full OPS90 POD sections to be fully available to members at the beginning of the second quarter of 2015.   I hope this clarifies any confusion regarding the initial launch of IRO learn and the course access process.  Should you require any further information regarding the OPS90 range of courses prior to their release please contact the IRO Office on 03333 440523 or email:

Please enjoy using the site, it is under continual development and your feedback is welcome – thank you for visiting.twitterlinkedInIRO Website
Steve Ball - IRO Learning Products Manager

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